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In common with most charities, we rely on dedicated volunteers to help provide many of our services.  Volunteers come from all walks of life and many are themselves visually impaired.  We are fortunate with the number and quality of our volunteers who work with us, but there is always a need for more helpers.
Shotley Gate Fun Day Fundraisers

Many of the opportunities for volunteering are with our 8 social groups which are run by volunteers and which are always in need of help, whether it is in transporting members to meetings and social activities, or generally helping out with the running of the group and organising its activities.

Other volunteering opportunities include:-

•    Befriending
•    Sports and leisure activities
•    Driving
•    Local Fundraising
•    Escorting and guiding
•    Special events.

If you have a few hours to spare each month and would like to become an ESAB volunteer, we would be pleased to hear from you.   For further information, please contact the office on 01473 611011
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