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•  Assisting with access to work through partner organisations.
•  Agents for British Wireless for the Blind radios, radio/cassette recorders and CD Players.
•  Local club socials, summer outings and Christmas parties.
•  Some local activity groups such as Blind Bowls, Blind Shooting plus arts and crafts
•  Providing advice and support to members wishing to arrange holidays at locations catering for the visually impaired.
•  Facilitating acquisition of Low Vision Aids and other specialist daily living aids to enable  continued independent living for visually impaired people.
•  Providing twice–yearly Newsletters.
•  Providing large print calendars.
•  Assisting with provision of National Talking Newspapers and Magazine Service.
•  Assisting with provision of local Talking Newspaper services.
•  Assisting with arranging talking book services for members.
•  Home visiting and helping as appropriate to support independent living including the demonstration of daily living aids by our Community Workers.
•  Arranging annual exhibitions for suppliers of visual aids and service providers for members to visit.

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