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East Suffolk Association for the Blind works with another charity called Action for Blind People to provide demonstrations and some training for members on what is known as Assistive Technology. These are basically computers using specialist software that enable visually impaired people to access all the services that sighted people might use on computers, tablets or smartphones. These services include:- Writing letters; Scanning in personal correspondence and having it read out aloud to them; Keeping in touch with family and friends through email; Browsing the world-wide web; Doing shopping on line; Listening to music or a myriad of world-wide radio stations. Whatever your age, there is something for everyone. If you would like to arrange for a demonstration please call one of the following:-

East Suffolk Association for the Blind – Little Bealings

01473 611011

Ipswich Blind Society - Ipswich

01473 219712

West Suffolk Voluntary Association for the Blind  Bury St Edmunds

01284 706655

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