What do we do ?


    Undertake home visits via our Community Workers and help as appropriate to support independent living, including the demonstration of daily living aids. Our Community workers are also trained in the assessment and use of magnification as applicable to low vision, they are each equipped with a magnification kit and can undertake assessments in peoples own homes if required. 

    Provide advice and help on the telephone, our Community Workers each have a dedicated telephone helpline for members use

    Facilitate acquisition of daily living aids to enable continued independent living for visually impaired people

    Provide twice–yearly Newsletters & a large print calendar

    Organise via our local District organisations; regular social meetings, summer outings and Christmas parties and in some locations we work with others to make available activity groups such as Blind Bowls, Blind Shooting plus arts and crafts

    Are Agents for British Wireless for the Blind radios, radio/cassette recorders and CD Players

    Provide advice and support to members wishing to arrange holidays at locations catering especially for the visually impaired

    Assist with provision of National Talking Newspapers and Magazine Service

    Assist with provision of local Talking Newspaper services

    Assist with arranging talking book services for members

    Arrange annual exhibitions so that members can meet suppliers of visual aids and services.

    Assist with access to work through partner organisations.