One of the most difficult, confusing and traumatic times for any person afflicted by the onset of sight problems is at the hospital eye clinics when attending for diagnosis or treatment.  In the three Suffolk Hospitals you will now find what are called “Eye Clinic Liaison Officers”.  The role of these officers is to provide information, advice and sign-posting and a degree of counselling to those who want it.  Where appropriate they can refer patients on to other specialist support agencies including the three voluntary Blind Associations in Suffolk, whose respective Community Workers can arrange to visit them in their own homes to provide whatever further advice, emotional and other practical help that is relevant. 

The Eye Clinic Liaison Officers not only have a wide range of published information from a variety of support services to hand out, but also some examples of daily living aids that help with maintaining independent living.  These officers are very much part of the eye clinic teams and form a very important role in helping people from the earliest possible stage in their sight loss difficulties.