Our People

ESAB employs 3 Community Workers who collectively make an average of 950 home visits in a year. They work from home and our Ipswich office with each covering a defined part of the area we cover.  Typically, each Community Worker will have 350 clients on their books, taking on around 40 new clients each year.  New referrals come from the Hospital Eye Clinic Liaison Officers or directly from those who have heard about us one way or another.  The initial home visit is obviously used to assess a client’s needs and to either meet those needs by direct action or by referral to other specialist agencies.  Clients' needs vary enormously with some requiring one or two visits whilst others require several repeat visits.  We endeavour to contact all of our clients at least once a year to see if their circumstances have changed and if necessary make further home visits.  Where appropriate our Community Workers arrange for the demonstration (in their homes), purchase, delivery and installation of Low Vision Aids e.g. magnifiers and specialist daily living aids to assist with independent living.  Those with particular needs, such as the young, or those seeking to get back into employment, are actively referred to those organisations better geared to meeting those needs.

For those wishing to speak with one of our Community Workers or the central office, please phone one of the following phone numbers.



01502 717159

Eye/ Framlingham/ Leiston/Woodbridge


01473 611650

Felixstowe/Shotley Peninsula/Stowmarket



01473 788380


Head Office          

01473 611011