Where There's A WILL There's A WAY - TO HELP ESAB.!

    The East Suffolk Association for the Blind (ESAB) is a Charity which has been operating in the East Suffolk communities since 1914. The Association provides a comprehensive long term welfare service to maintain the lifestyle and wellbeing of those of its 1,000 blind and partially sighted members that are most in need.  Its fundamental purpose is to provide a personal service through the Association's Community Workers and its many volunteers for our visually impaired members, to provide the best help possible to meet their needs.  With a very elderly membership, many with multiple disabilities, such personal contact and friendly down to earth discussion are vital to the success of our operation and very necessary in providing real and meaningful support for our members.

    With no financial help from the statutory authorities, or other major organisations the Association has to generate all its own income from those sympathetic to its cause.  In this context legacy income is now a very important part of our operating budget, We spend about £110,000 pa to support our vital welfare activities.

    As you will appreciate, a few meaningful legacies can make a substantial difference to our financial status.  Moreover an accumulation of small donations can be equally effective; a client may wish to nominate the Association to receive donations from those attending his/her funeral in commemoration, rather than receiving flowers.

    When making or revising your Will, or perhaps by adding a codicil to your existing Will, would you kindly consider including a bequest to ESAB?

    If you would like any help with the wording or any other aspect of setting up a bequest, please contact our Office on 01473 611011.

    N.B Any property, not just money, may be given to a charity by Will.