About Us

    East Suffolk Association for the Blind (ESAB) is one of two voluntary organisations in Suffolk providing services for the visually impaired.  The other being West Suffolk Sight.

    The organisation was established in 1914 to promote the welfare of visually impaired people in East Suffolk, with its main purpose being to help visually impaired people continue to lead independent and fulfilling lives.  We expanded our area of operation in March 2019 into the town of Ipswich and currently have around 1400 blind and partially sighted people registered with us, of whom 1100 are over the age of 70.

    The charity originally unincorporated (CC number 206886) changed status in Oct. 2018 to a CIO of the same name (CC number 1173918) in an attempt to protect ongoing services via: providing better employment protection for our staff, volunteers and beneficiaries plus enabling certain classes of assets to be held in the charities own name. The CIO structure also allows the charity to enter service contracts in it's own right should the opportunity be presented and the trustees believing this would be in the best interests of the organisation and those whom we seek to serve.

    We have a staff of 8 (all part-time) and around 150 volunteers across our large rural area which is divided into 5 discrete areas for ease of management.

    During the last full charity year ending March 2018, we made a total of 818 home visits and delivered a total of 1819 services to our members either through home visiting or other forms of contact.  We spent circa £100,000 in delivering services to our clients. Our Association has no national financial affiliations although we are affiliated to the national organisation for local voluntary groups for the visually impaired called "VISIONARY".  Funding comes entirely from investment income, legacies and money raised from people and organisations sympathetic to our cause.

    Our maxim is ‘Local Charity for Local People’.  All our income is spent serving the local community.